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Full Groom     bath/dry/full groom/clip of any legth/style or breed specific (no large breeds)

SMALL DOG         Under -10kg                          From $85.00

eg. chihuaha, maltese, shih tzu, pug, min schnauzer, min poodle

MEDIUM DOG     Approx 10-25kg                   From $95.00

 eg. cavoodle, cavalier, sheltie, cocker spaniel, spoodle

LARGE DOG         Approx 25 - 35kg              From $110.00+

eg: min labradoodle, wheaton terrier, border collie, water dogs, min groodle

Bath and Tidy    bath/dry/brush/tidy feet,face, sanitary area, (no clip)

SMALL DOG        FROM     $75.00

MEDIUM DOG    FROM    $85.00

LARGE DOG        FROM    $95.00


*Nail Clip                                                                 (no apt nescessary during opening times)                   $10.00

*Behaviour/Aggression/Age/Medical issues                                      Extra time per 15mins                    $15.00

*De-Shedding of excess hair                                                              Extra time per 15mins                    $15.00

*Flea Rinse and Salon Clean/Sanitisation             Added onto groom if fleas are present                   $20.00

*Excessive Matting                                                     Added onto groom if needing pre clip                  $20.00

*Medicated Bath                                       Vet approved medicated bath as per instruction                   $10.00

*Miscellaneous Service                Extras per 10 min intervals outside of normal services                    $10.00                         

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