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Doggy Styling professional groomers began as a mobile service in 2009 for several years operating in mostly the Eastern suburbs then moved into a salon in the western suburbs of Adelaide around 2015.

We no longer offer mobile grooming but provide a small family owned salon where we offer grooming of all small to medium breeds by appointment only on weekdays. 

We are a dedicated team and love what we do. Our aim is to always groom with the best interest of the pets needs a priority and to our best ability. 

We offer all services for small to medium dogs with  grooming needs from just a bath to a full breed specific groom.

Over 17 years experience in the industry we have seen it all and nothing surprises us, we can work with most temperaments and misunderstood or challenging dogs to achieve a calm and safe environment for them. Or get a puppy into good habbits from the start.

Over the years we have realised that the best way to groom your pet in a safe and controlled environment where they feel most relaxed is in a small stress free space with the most attention on just them, with limited time waiting around in cages and around other dogs.

Our salon is a much smaller space than most but this means someone is always within an arms length of your pet so they are safe and attended to all the time. There is never more than 3 dogs in salon at a time and they are started soon after arrival and finished within 1-1.5hrs where your called for immediate collection making it a simple and efficient service.

We find having our service this way dogs calm down quicker upon arrival, Older/anxious /blind/deaf dogs feel more comfortable and there are less distractions to create stress in the shop.  

Please contact us for more information or to discuss your pets needs. 

To book please call 8298 6705

Dog Grooming Services and Price Guide


Prices are a guide only final price will depend on size, coat condition, behavior and style. Fleas and matting will be charged accordingly.  Extreme aggression where we have exceeded all aspects of working with that dog will not be tolerated due to our staff safety and other pets in close proximity. 
Small eg: Maltese, Toy poodle, Min Schnauzer.
Medium eg: Cavoodle, Cavalier, Cocker spaniel.
NO LARGE DOGS. ie: Groodles, Golden retrievers, Shepherds, Labradors etc.
Bath ,Dry  and a little Tidy (No clip)                          From:      Small $ 55          Medium $65               
At Doggy styling we use only the best high quality shampoos and conditioners that are safe for your pet from de-shedding, whitening, re-hydrating, volumising, oatmeal based etc depending on coat/skin condition. 
We also have available vet approved medicinal shampoo for allergy and skin problems.
We use a warm hydrobath to pre wash followed by a scrub with the desired shampoo. Then we condition and a tearless face scrub is applied followed lastly by a final rinse.
Ears cleaned and plucked if desired. Nails trimmed. Coat brushed out using a silky magic detangler helps further de-shed and relax the coat.
We use a heated dryer at various velocity depending on how the dog handles it either slow or fast or air dry. We have hoodies available for the ones who fear the dryer this calms them and decreases noise a little. ( no trimming/clipping with this service)
Complete Grooming   (Full Clip/Groom)                           From:        Small $75          Medium $85               
Bath and Dry plus a complete groom/clip of coat to desired style, length, shape or breed specific clip.
Extras/Add on's:
  • Need a little more than a bath but not a clip?
  • For extra $10 with any Bath and Dry we can tidy feet/pads do a little face trim and hygiene clip.
  • Dry Tidy $30 (no bath or grooming) Incl Tidy up of feet/pads, nails trim, face trim and hygiene clip (must be washed at home prior to appointment)
  • Nails only $10 (no appointment needed)
  • Poodle feet $10 on top of any service. 
  • Flea infestation $30 extra on top of grooming charges 
  • If we find fleas we will without notice flea rinse and shampoo immediately and a cleaning fee will apply to sanitize the shop and deflea all bedding and common areas.

Contact Us


By appointment only

Tuesday to Friday 

9am - 3pm

(closed weekends)


For more information or to book an appointment please call: 8298 6705


Location:  Warradale, SA 

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